Soccaskool has 6 Development Teams currently. U9, U10, U11 and U12 Boys, and U11, U12 Girls. 

The Development Teams train 3 times a week all year round with a professional coach (as opposed to a volunteer parent)

Our Development Teams Program is in its third year during that time we have established an excellent reputation across the Province and beyond, for being an excellent academy program which produces soccer players that demonstarte high levels of technical ability along with a good tactical understanding of the game. Our teams play in a variety of events, tournaments and competitions throughout the calendar year. We always pride ourselves on our players standards, both on and off the field. From its beginning, 3 years ago, the program has emerged as one of the top soccer development programs in BC

Soccaskool is a ‘for profit’ organization. Our Academy Program, which is our primary source of revenue, currently has around 200 players registered. Our Development Team Program, however, is not ‘pay and play’. 

Soccaskool funds the Development Team Program from within and players can only be chosen for one of our teams by demonstrating excellence and effort on the field. There are very few soccer programs in BC that follow this model and we think it makes us unique.

We are looking for local companies who are interested in partnering with us to sponsor these teams.

Sponsorship agreements will last two years, and will tie the name of your company to the team you wish to sponsor for that period of time.

ALL monies raised will be used for equipment for the devlopment team(s). We have two options, both of which will cost around $1000. Option 1 is a uniform package that will feature our club badge along with our sponsor name and logo. Option 2 is a tracksuit and backpack package that will feature the same.

Our aim is to raise enough sponsorship revenue to dress all of our teams in brand new, high quality clothing that reflects and enhances the quality and professionalism of our program.

In addition to sponsors names and logos appearing on our uniforms, we will also propose logos and links on our website pages and through our comprehensive social media network.

If you might be interested in sponsoring one of our developmemt teams please contact us