Winter Phase is Full !

Our upcoming Winter season will as usual, be a three month training phase. The Winter season will run from Monday January 4th until the end of March, and will include practise sessions during Spring Break. It will be a 12 week program of 24 sessions.

Unfortunately, we are losing one of our time slots at CNC for this Winter phase. We will continue to have a Monday/Wednesday 2.45 to 4pm class and a Tuesday/Thursday 2.45 to 4pm class. We are however losing the Monday/Wednesday 4.15 to 5.30 class.

We are very disappointed about this as our Fall season has had full enrollment of 120 players, 40 players per class and we have had wait lists on every class. For the Winter, we will have to reduce our number to 80 players.

With this in mind we decided to send out invites to the first 80 players on the Fall academy who we felt were getting the most out of the program. In other words, our most coachable players. Out of the 80 invitations we sent, 79 accepted…which means that our Winter academy is now full.

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