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Development Teams in Salmon Arm

This weekend saw all of our 2015 Development Teams in action for the last time this year

Our U10 (2006) team took the field on Friday night at CNC to play a selected Soccaskool U11 squad. We deliberately selected a strong U11 squad to set up a good game and to challenge our U10 development group to the maximum. The U10s rose to the challenge beautifully, playing some excellent soccer and keeping possession of the ball for long periods particularly in the opening 30 minutes. It took a while, but once Liam netted the first with a stunning strike from the edge of the box, more goals began to follow.

Incredibly, the U10’s raced to a 6-0 lead ! However, this prompted a response from the U11s, and they battled back to make it 6-4. The U10s made the mistake of becoming embroiled in a physical contest against an older team, which is always very difficult to win. In the end though, the U10s were able to regroup, compose themselves, and resume playing great, quick and simple soccer. Once that happened, they were able to regain control of the match and add a final goal to make it 7-4 final score. Continue reading Development Teams in Salmon Arm


Winter Phase is Full !

Our upcoming Winter season will as usual, be a three month training phase. The Winter season will run from Monday January 4th until the end of March, and will include practise sessions during Spring Break. It will be a 12 week program of 24 sessions.

Unfortunately, we are losing one of our time slots at CNC for this Winter phase. We will continue to have a Monday/Wednesday 2.45 to 4pm class and a Tuesday/Thursday 2.45 to 4pm class. We are however losing the Monday/Wednesday 4.15 to 5.30 class.

We are very disappointed about this as our Fall season has had full enrollment of 120 players, 40 players per class and we have had wait lists on every class. For the Winter, we will have to reduce our number to 80 players.

With this in mind we decided to send out invites to the first 80 players on the Fall academy who we felt were getting the most out of the program. In other words, our most coachable players. Out of the 80 invitations we sent, 79 accepted…which means that our Winter academy is now full.

We are disappointed Continue reading Winter Phase is Full !

Introducing Sophia !

Have a look at this video where we highlight Sophia one of our long time academy players and one of our original 20

We are very proud of Sophia as she continues to develop her game.  Her technical skills and tactical knowledge of the game continue to improve at a staggering rate.  She is a wonderful example to all our academy players and a perfect demonstration of how “practice makes perfect” as she puts in many hours of practice in her own time.

Also important to point out that at the time of shooting this video, Sophia was 8 years old playing against U11 boys.  Very impressive !

Player Profile – Luca

We will throughout the course of the year be taking the opportunity to profile “players of distinction” from our academy.

In this opening profile we are very happy to introduce to you a player recently selected for our new U9 development team.

NAME:  Luca

Parents Comments : “Luca has always loved to play soccer and the coaching with Soccaskool has taken his skills to a whole new level. Luca is so happy and excited to be selected to be a part of the new development group.  Thank you Soccaskool for always supporting Luca and teaching great skills. 

Coach’s Comments:  “It’s very easy to see that Luca has a real passion for Soccer. He demonstrates this by giving his very best effort in every training session, which has resulted in him getting better every week.  He has many of the qualities we look for in our academy players, he works hard, listens well and really tries to put into practice immediately what we have been working on”

Well Done Luca ! Keep up the good work !

Where are they now ?

Where are they now ?

At Soccaskool we take great pride in seeing our players developing during their time with us and we are extremely proud of the many players who have graduated from our program and continue their soccer development in high level soccer streams.  Here is our original 20 players who took a chance with our academy when we first started, a little more than 3 years ago.  Some of them continue to be an important part of the Soccaskool program and we look forward to observing their continuing progress.  For the others who have since graduated and continue their soccer development in high level soccer streams we wish them the very best and continued success.

Annika – back row, 2nd left…. TOFC U13 Intake girls, Whitecaps Prospects, recently awarded Prospects Player of the Month November 2015. Continue reading Where are they now ?